Taster sessions and therapy groups

I believe in a holistic and person-centred approach to therapy and that there is never a one-size fits all solution.

In order to deliver a truly person-centred approach we often need to look for solutions outside of our own formal therapeutic training. One way this can be achieved is through having an awareness of the different forms of therapy available.

Taster sessions can be offered to psychotherapy and counselling training organisations who have often found such taster days a rewarding experience for their students.

Monthly Psychodrama group

Monthly Psychodrama groups integrating Dramatherapy and Psychodramatic Bodywork® are facilitated by Kat and Jonathan Salisbury.

Additional Psychodrama groups are facilitated by Kat Salisbury and on occasion with other practitioners across Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

Psychodrama groups offer a way of getting to the heart of personal process issues, such as difficulties with anxieties, depression, relationships and stress. The groups will always have a maximum of 10 participants and are offered to anyone interested in any counselling and therapeutic approach as well as their own personal growth.

Contact me for more information- psychodrama@katsalisbury.co.uk

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